Our Operation & Management Concept

Our business is monitored by a computerized system. Daily operations follow strict professional and ethical standards so as to ensure superior quality services and enable business expansion. Each centre is connected to the internal network, all medical-related materials are maintained and protected by the Centralized Information Technology System. The use of the network enables a rapid and efficient transfer of laboratory reports, diagnostic images and the likes, which greatly improves customer service quality.

Hercules Group has built up a close partnership with experienced medical professionals. In addition, our corporate network has expanded to a number of industries such as insurance, voluntary organizations, commercial groups and professionals' unions. By operating in a well-developed management system and cooperating with our excellent working partners, Hercules Group is a trustworthy member for the community.

In the future, Hercules Group will continue to maintain its group practice concept and shall set up more diagnostic centres throughout the territory. We shall maintain our professional standards and customer-oriented principles, delivering the best service to serve our customers. We are focused on continued increases in the value and quality of services provided, as well as expansion and differentiation of our portfolio of services in response to the changing needs of our customers.